Wearable Panic Button

A panic button for the elderly or frail

24/7 Control Room

Your emergency contacts will get an SMS when the panic button is pressed and our operators will phone your emergency contacts.

Let Mylifeline be there for your DaD, Mom or grandparent when they need help

What makes our panic button different

There are many panic buttons in the market but most of them are dependent on a cellphone or other base device. If you happen to be away from that dependent device or that device in the case of a cellphone is taken from you your panic button will be rendered useless. The MyLifeline panic button is a cellphone by itself with a sim card and the ability for you to have a two-way conversation no matter where you are. Be it in the garden or a shopping centre.

Magnetic Charger

Both the Watch and Pendant have an easy magnetic charger designed for customers that battle with their eyesight or have a tremor related medical condition. The charger just clips in place.

Will I be notified of the Panic?

Up to 5 contacts will receive a SMS message with the estimated GPS location when the panic signal is received on the MyLifeline servers. The control room operator will also contact the emergency contacts if emergency assistance is required.